Software made just for you



Fish.Net provide a full Software Development service. Working in partnership with you and your staff, we can help determine where business processes and functions could be streamlined or replaced with IT systems. This will increase productivity and efficiency, cut costs and release staff to focus on customer service and sales, all of which leads to an increase in the profitability of your business. Delivering real results with bespoke software design and development.

We have developed a range of software applications for a variety of sectors, from the Creative and Media industry, Wholesale and Distribution companies, through to Engineering and Local Governments.

To discuss your requirements or for a free consultation, please contact us.

What are the Benefits of Bespoke Software Development for your business?

  • Software designed to fit with business processes
  • Focus on your business functionality
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Flexibility – can change with your business
  • Ownership – no licensing issues
  • Looks professional to customers and clients
  • Secure, web-based database applications
  • The ability to share selected data with customers and employees

Reducing Risk and Price

Bespoke software can give you a huge and measurable advantage over your competition but some companies consider it a risky development – it really needn’t be! The secret is in the consultation. We work with you to agree a phased delivery of your new software and remove the pricing risk by invoicing each stage only after everything is tested and working to your satisfaction. Our tested method offers true flexibility allowing you to shift the goalposts as your business reacts to each new and improved way of working; often the finished product is very different with far better functionality than originally anticipated.

Price is an integral part of reducing the risk. We develop the most difficult parts of the project first and deliver them in small stages, giving you working software at every stage. The parts included in each incremental delivery are decided by the customer before hand and invoiced once delivered. This builds confidence and trust based on performance, the risk decreases as the project continues.

Skills and Expertise

Java (inc. J2EE), C++, Perl, PHP, Oracle, DB2, Postgresql, mySQL, JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit

We can develop software for a number of platforms, including Unix / Linux, Windows and Macintosh. We specialise in developing software that utilises open source databases and application frameworks which enables us to deliver extremely cost effective, high quality, robust systems to our customers.