We are a committed team who are passionate about what we do. Below are the main services we can provide for you and your business.

Web Design & Sites

We love design! Building a website is the easy part; taking your passion and company ethics and translating them into the look and “feel” of your site is far more exciting! The same goes for your logo – you know your business, we know design, together we can encapsulate your message in a neat, unique, memorable logo.  We build simple to use, good looking, accessible websites where you can be in charge and in control of the content. Tutorials and support are there to guide you through the process. Want to be in control? Our simple to use, beautiful sites are not only designed to be customer friendly, they allow you a level of accessibility that perfectly suits your needs.

Software Development: Online, Offline & Mobile Applications

Got an idea that can transform your business? Can you imagine how it might work? Talk to us and we can help turn your imagination into reality. From unique ecommerce applications to specialised workflow systems that help to run your business. We help our clients to focus on running their business whilst our applications provide the help, support and information needed.

For more information about our applications, see what we built for our clients: Axon Enterprises, Robinsons Brewery, Salford RC Diocese, British Council, Sumners.

Online Marketing and PR

The rise of online marketing has given birth to many new public relations techniques – such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social bookmarking, and blog writing – and we can help you make the most of these developments. We build blogs on the most search engine-friendly platform – WordPress which easily allows a client to update their site quickly and simply. We can help you automate your posts to be fed to Twitter and Facebook, or pull in your latest images from Flickr. We build bespoke creative wordpress sites, rather than relying on standard templates.  These online social technologies can be used to build up communities and attract loyal customers.

Website & Email Hosting, Server Colocation

Along with developing your website and web applications we can also provide hosting and email services, giving you peace of mind and time to focus on running your business. We can also colocate your own server, either managed by us or yourselves connected to the internet back bone 24/7.