Software Development

Quick overview of really useful Design Patterns

Design Patterns capture a common combination of computer code; code that creates things, code that’s in a certain structure or code that behaves in a certain way. These Design Patterns help to solve common problems in similar structured ways, enabling programmers to get to a solution faster, communicate their ideas with other programmers quicker and write code that is more easily recognised and understand by others. So here are a few of the well known design patterns that we commonly use.

Spring Java Web Application Tutorial – Part 1

This post is a tutorial that shows how to create a new Spring based Java Web Application using the Spring Source Tool Suite (STS) application (a variant of Eclipse), creating a simple application and test it using the STS built-in tomcat application server.

This is the first of 3 parts that form a complete tutorial for a fully fledged Spring based contact form application.  This first part shows how to setup an initial project using Spring STS.  The second part shows how to add Spring dependencies to the project and have a user post some data and the web server send a response.  The third part shows how Spring’s dependency injection can be used to create email templates that send a reply to the user and a notification to the web site administrator.