Axon Enterprises

What they wanted

1) A system that allowed them to store all the details of their products onto a database, including images of the products.

2) To be able to keep track of any correspondance between their sales staff and various distributors.

3) A search facility so that members of the public can search for any product within the system and view product details.

What we did

We developed and implemented a web based application that consisted of three main parts:

1) A Product Management section, that allowed them to store all the product details and images in a database, which could be accessed from anywhere using a username and password. The system enabled the company to maintain a list of products, product types, product groups and also allowed them to add different manufacturers and dynamic data to products.

2) We developed a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that allowed members of their sales team to log on and add various distributors to the system. The sales staff can also record any correspondance between the team and the distributor, by recording comments and notes. The system also enables callbacks, including a specific date and time, to assist with the sales process. Product enquiries made by distributors can be recorded on the system and when checking products for an enquiry, the system also suggests alternatives, so it gives the sales member the ability to offer the distributor alternatives.

3) We created a public facing website that allows Axon customers and distributors to search for any product within the system and view details of the products. This also includes product comparison, similar to what is available in the CRM system. It allows distributors to register and view their details, such as any enquiries made by them, any comments made by the Axons staff on the distributor’s account and other various details. Once a distributor has logged in, they have the ability to customise an online catalogue, including/excluding products that Axons offer. This can also be printed with their company logo and relevant products.