Zenobia Consulting

What they wanted:

Lena Sebbagh came to us in the Spring asking for a site review.

What we did

We originally designed her site back in 2005 but it needed refreshing and bringing uptodate to stay competitive in the consultancy market. All of the copy in all of the sections was edited and cropped where necessary. In addition a blog was incorporated into the review. The project wasn’t a ‘redesign’ but a ‘realign’. The site design looked cleaner and fresher, thanks to the layout being tidied up, an increase of white space, the text made clearer, and a better choice of font.

Client’s Testimonial:

” I have worked with Axon Birch for some years now.  The reason I go back to them is that they bend over backwards to help me, and to get things the way I want them.  I have been particularly impressed with their follow up – I have not yet had time to get going with a blog that they designed for me, but rather than consider their job done once they’d finished what I paid them to do, they have been keen to see me go live and actually start using the blog, and have gently encouraged me to get started and offered more help if needed.  I really appreciate their interest in helping me to make sure that my business benefits from the investment that I have made.”

Lena Sabbagh
Zenobia Consulting Limited